Landfill Gas to Energy

Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) Project

Project Overview



  • Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE)
  • Electrical Installation and commissioning of 4 x APG1000 Generator Modules (1MWe) powered by waste gas at the North Waikato Regional Landfill site, Hampton Downs.
  • The first stage of this project involved the supply, packaging, installation and commissioning of a pair of Generator Modules. Each module comprises a Waukesha APG1000 Enginator, rated for 1,000kWe continuous duty on landfill gas. The modules are self-contained power stations, requiring fuel gas and electrical connections. Included within the modules are dump heat radiators, PLC control/switchgear panels, ventilation fans, exhaust systems, plus oil and water tanks.
  • The second stage of the project involved the supply, packaging, installation and commissioning of the second pair of Generator Modules which now can produce a combined peak output of 4 MWe.
  • Project Value: Approximately $200,000

The Story in Brief

  • EnviroWaste owns and operates the North Waikato Regional Landfill Site at Hampton Downs and was the first operator to generate electricity from methane gas produced by waste in landfill in New Zealand in the early 90's.
  • The production of gas in landfills typically increases as refuse is placed and then peaks shortly after closure. This is followed by a slow decline over subsequent years. The commercial lifetime of a landfill gas field is typically 10 20 years from closure.
  • Athenry Electrical Ltd was approached by Entec Services (Industrial Energy Specialists) to provide them with a reliable value effective partnership which will intern provide their clients a reliable turnkey installation solution, service back up and technical support services.



  • Waste gas that would otherwise be flared is being harnessed to reduce green house gas emissions.
  • Enough energy will be generated to supply all of the landfill sites needs as well as surplus into the national grid.


Quality and Technical Innovation

  • An integral part of the clients brief was to engineer the ease of maintenance for the life cycle of the project, this required multiple considerations in the planning and execution of the electrical fit out. The engine generator skid ( Enginator ) and switch board sit on a common rail assembly which is required to be slid out for major maintenance while the enclosure fixtures such as lighting and environmental equipment such as ventilation fans, gas detection to maintain the Hazardous Area classifications remained in the container.
  • Installation consideration also had to be given to higher vibration leaves and movement of engine generator which is mounted on spring isolators in a high temperature environment.
  • Athenry Electrical Ltd have been working with this type of installation for over 2 years and has been of great value to Entec by way of innovating and orchestrating better installation techniques.



Management, Commercial and Training

  • Athenry Electrical Ltd's senior apprentice at the time, Carl Fogarty, was first involved with a previous LFGTE project as our final year apprentice. These projects are of transportable nature (All preliminary work completed in workshop), with no live electrical work, it was a perfect opportunity for Carl to become responsible for the project. Mike Jayne from Entec Services was so impressed with his abilities that he requested Carl project managed the Hampton Downs project. Carl completed his apprenticeship approximately 12 months prior to commencement of this project.
  • Gerry Wolmarans (Electrical Engineer) has been working closely with Entec to assist with commissioning and ongoing technical support as required.
  • Paul Dyer (Operations Manager) provided pricing and project management oversee.


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